Why web app not developed?

Mac this, android that. I hate planning and journaling on mobile. It is impossible. Ipad or other tablet is also too small for that. Should I get 13 ipad pro or galaxy tab ultra for 1500 eur, just to use the app - I will not do that.

Why does everyone dismiss windows users? Mostly people use journaling for work and some for personal life and work, and work machines are laptops running windows. Why do you only focus for Mac or Android?

Web app needs improvement, and that would be enough for most of us. I have tried the premium and will not continue, no point

  1. My vision is deteriorating from mobile

  2. It takes forever to type or dictate

  3. Screen is too small to have an overview

  4. Web version is patchy and glitchy and need serious update

No 40 eur again for you this year

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6 months ago



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